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Cape Town - Table Mountain Fauna

Around the upper cable station you will find Table Mountain's most frequently sighted mammal, the dassie, or hyrax. They are usually found near areas where tourists may discard or unfortunately supply food. Please do not encourage them by feeding them. Dassies have to be particularly careful in autumn, when the eagles are rearing their chicks, as they are the Black Eagle's (verreaux's) favourite food.

On Table Mountain you will also find porcupines, grysbok, mongooses, snakes and tortoises. The rooikat (caracal) and the vaalboskat (African Wild Cat), who are nocturnal carnivores, were once common the mountain. Sadly the status of the vaalboskat is uncertain, however, the rooikat is occasionally seen by mountaineers.

Apparently the last lion seen on Table Mountain was in 1802, and although many books state that the last leopard was driven out by 1870, leopard tracks can still be found today.

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