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Cape Town - Table Mountain Flora

Table Mountain is well known for it's floral biodiversity, which mainly consists of fynbos (pronounced fayn-bos) which is the Afrikaans word meaning "fine bush" and from the Dutch word "fijn bosch".

Here you will find over 1500 species of plants. Fynbos consists of four major plant groups, namely: Proteas, which is a large shrub with broad leaves; Erica's, which are heath like and are low growing shrubs; Restios, which are read like plants and are the only group that are found in all fynbos habitats; Geophytes - bulbs - these include watsonia's and disa's, both of which occur mainly in wetland areas and are prominent after fires. Fynbos is a vegetation that is fire dependent in that it needs to burn approximately every 15 years in order to stimulate new growth and to ensure that plant and animal communities remain healthy.

Sadly, if the area experiences fire too often this can be destructive to the ecosystem because when young fynbos that is not yet seed bearing burns, seed banks are depleted which can change the diversity of plant species in the area. Unfortunately, fires on Table Mountain are quite common. The last big fire on this mountain was in January 2006, which resulted in the death of a tourist and large amounts of vegetation being destroyed.

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